February Calendar: Acts of kindness

acts of kindness

February is about so much more than romantic love! Here are some ideas for small acts of kindness for a friend, a loved one or a stranger. Skip to the February Calendar Acts of kindness promote mental and emotional health by increasing happiness, reducing stress and helping us feel fulfilled. When we do kind things,…

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Activity for Teens: Identifying Core Values

teen girl contemplative

Summary: When teens identify their core values, they are better equipped to resist peer pressure, avoid burnout, and make choices aligned with what is important to them. Skip to the Tip: Activity for Teens- Identifying Core Values You’ve met that teen who is super organized and always on time, and is starting college classes at…

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When Grownups Don’t Notice You

Did you ever pick flowers for your parents or other grownups when you were little?  Or do you remember doing something else that seems silly and small now, but back then it put the biggest smile on their face?   Maybe as a teen you feel like no matter what you do now it’s never right. …

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Yellow Flowers: Cherishing Little Moments

[cue music] … I don’t get flowers anymore. I used to get them all the time. When we were outside and flowers were near, Andrew would always pick a few and present them to me with intense focus and an expression of undying love. [crescendo] The flowers always wilted within a few hours, but they…

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To the Curb: Dealing with Divorce

It’s cold.   It’s raining.   I’m mad.   Every Monday night I feel this way, because every Monday night I have to take the trash out to the curb.  I’ve already done the other “manly chores.” I’ve been in the backyard and scooped the dog’s poop. (The dogs I never wanted, but now I adore.) I’ve put…

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An Unbalanced Life: Dealing with Divorce

finding balance in an unbalanced life

An Unbalanced Life  I. AM. SO. TIRED.  Andrew wants me to sleep with him. I would love to snuggle, but all I can think about is climbing into my own bed and watching the TV shows I’ve recorded. Part of me feels guilty. I want to be there for my child and help him feel…

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Seeing Things: Teens Dealing with Divorce

Have you ever noticed when you go into a classroom without assigned seating that everyone sits in pretty much the same place every time anyway?  Do you do that?  Do you have your favorite seat in math class, because it’s by your friend, and your favorite seat in Spanish class, because you can look out the window?  I know lots of teens and adults who are this way. 

Humans are creatures of habit.  

If the teacher walks into the classroom and announces a new seating chart or that everyone has to move to the other side of the room, if you’re like most of us, you will moan and groan.  Why?  You can’t talk to your friend during class anyway.  The other side of the room isn’t vastly different.  Why do you feel like it’s a big deal?

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Seeing Things: Dealing with Divorce

All I wanted was to pull in my garage, walk in my house and go to bed.  After a long day of traveling, I was so tired and couldn’t wait to go to sleep.  I pulled in the garage, got out of my car and walked to the back door.  I hit the garage door button, and the door began to close. Then it stopped.  I punched the button again.  The door went back up.  I hit the button.  The door began to lower and then went right back up.  

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