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About Just Be U

We know it can be a struggle to connect with youth. That’s why the Just Be U curriculum was created. We want you to reach girls where they are with the topics that matter.

Just Be U is a life-changing program that is easy to use, requires very little supplies, and no special training.

Get The Curriculum. Implement The Lessons. Change Girls’ Lives.

Lesson Plans

Just Be U is a curriculum that guides girls through a self-discovery journey while teaching them how to overcome their fears, develop their talents, and realize their true worth.

More than that... it changes lives.

Check out some of the lesson plan topics!

Body Image
Truth or Lies

Real world scenarios help tackle the issue of body image among adolescent girls.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Lessons designed to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Stereotypes and the media

Stereotypes portrayed in the media can be harmful to developing young women.

Healthy Relationships

Activities include lessons in establishing boundaries and creating healthy relationships.

Finding Your Purpose

This lesson helps girls discover what gives meaning to their lives and how to live an authentic life.

Bullying of ourselves and others

Bullying among adolescent females is also addressed in the Just Be U curriculum.

Developing Your Voice

Every woman has a voice! Just Be U helps girls develop confidence in their ideas and opinions.

Owning Your Power

Lessons designed to help girls focus on their strengths and build confidence.

Creating Your Future

This lesson helps young girls develop their skills and uncover strengths they can use to have the future they desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

I love this Curriculum! It's been so amazing to see the girls I work with open up and accept each other and strengthen each other as well! It's super easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone! I'm so glad I found it!

- Brooke Carlson, Girl's Club, Tapestry International

Our girls responded great to the material and were willing to discuss the topics openly, which in-turn helped the mentors learn about the girls and build relationships. It was so nice to have this type of curriculum available to us because of the wide age range of the girls we reach (ages 6-16).

- Amber Smith, IGAN Program & Event Director

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