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Five Challenges of Teen Girls

By Harriet Turk | Oct 7, 2015 |

Five Challenges of Teen Girls and What to Do About Them Teen Truths: Helping Adolescent Girls through the Challenges Each year, I speak at conferences, schools, and other youth-oriented events all across the United States. Following these presentations, I always hear from girls who were in the audience. Through emails, Facebook messages, letters, and even…

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About the Just Be U curriculum

By Harriet Turk | Sep 13, 2015 |

JustBeU is a CCSS approved curriculum that teaches girls how to break the mold, overcome their fears and realize their true worth through a self-discovery journey of finding the real “U” inside each of them. More than that… it changes lives. Purchase your copy of the Just Be U curriculum today! View our store page…

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